Meet Rachel!

By Rachel Hogan

It’s my pleasure as the new Vocational Manager to introduce myself. My name is Rachel Hogan, I have an associate’s degree in Human Services, and a background in case management and Employment Navigation. I enjoy working with diverse populations, especially when it comes to individuals picking themselves up out of a hole and transforming their lives in a multitude of ways. I myself have a background in making some pretty less than glorious decisions and have had to start my life new many times, so I can relate to the individuals I serve, which helps me remain compassionate and patient.

As Vocational Manager, I will be working with the women on many different things, remembering that no one person is at the same place in their life, recovery, education, or career.  I will be holding classes as part of the program to teach them how to write job-winning résumés and cover letters, how to get past an applicant tracking system, and how to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). I will be showing them how to network, ace an interview, and how to apply for college.

I will also be out networking to build a collection of beneficial resources to offer these women. Resources like employers that hire individuals with high barriers such as felonies on their record, when the best job fairs are. I also hope to build a connection with Pierce County’s Dress for Success program, RISE, BFET, WIOA and more. I will also be assisting New Phoebe House with opening a business that can bring in steady revenue, provide the women with hands-on working experience they can be proud of and add to their résumé, and also give the women a sense of work stability, balance, and some good positive work ethic.

The main goal of this program is to transform these highly worthy women into successful, strong, independent, and self-sufficient career holders, business owners, entrepreneurs, or whatever it is they choose to do with their lives. We want to see these women evolve, stand tall, and know they never gave up. When they felt all odds were against them, we want them to know others were there to encourage them, show them it could be done, and fight hard with them. It’s my hope to be a part of at least one of their success stories.


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