Our Impact

2020 Outcomes


Residents attended college in NPHA


Residents attended college in Aftercare


Residents increased education in NPHA


Residents increased education in Aftercare


Women opened bank accounts while at NPHA


Women opened bank accounts in Aftercare


Women gained employment while at NPHA


Women gained employment in Aftercare


Mothers gained or increased custody while at NPHA


Mothers had custody at NPHA entry


Mothers received counseling while at NPHA


Mothers received counseling in Aftercare


Mothers (and 33 children) were served at NPHA


Mothers (and 27 children) were served in Aftercare

Before moving to New Phoebe House I was stuck in a domestic violence relationship and was strung out on meth and couldn’t get ahold of it. I had no concept of time and no motivation to better myself. After moving to New Phoebe House I’ve learned a lot of life skills including time management, goal setting, parenting, accountability, and structure. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the help from New Phoebe House. I was given opportunity to do AfterCare, which also helped me get my first own place for me and my kids. Thank you New Phoebe House

If you want a new way of life and structure, parenting skills, great friends, communication skills, and sisters in sobriety, this is the place for you! So grateful for this place and all the fun sober activities I have experienced here in the last year! Thank you!

New Phoebe House has been there to help support me and my child, helped me to make better decisions. I believe the staff here advocate for us and believe in our success. They are continuously working on trying to make New Phoebe House even better with new ideas (even though it’s great already).I have grown close to most of the Phoebes and have gained precious friendships.

New Phoebe House was a blessing, it taught me how to be self-sufficient and set goals, and how to strive for them. It also taught me about having friends and a family. With the routine structure that it provides, it guarantees you a better shot in life if you really want it. To reunite with your children and live a drug free life. It seems like a lot in the beginning, but in the end, it is worth it.

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