Story of Success: Melissa

Dysfunctional. Unorganized. Lost. Scared. These are the words Melissa used to describe her life before New Phoebe House. She had been fighting a long and difficult battle with addiction. The father of her children had been mentally and physically abusive, leaving her homeless and staying in shelters.

Moving into NPH, she felt a great combination of excited, nervous, open-minded, fearful, and thankful for the opportunity she now had. She could see the positive impact NPH would have on her life. Not only did it bring her out of homelessness, but she got help with finding a new way of life. She didn’t have to worry about when her next meal would be or always having to look over her shoulder.

Melissa is proud of her accomplishments and successes during her time at New Phoebe House:

  • Through parenting classes and guidance she learned to be a mother to her children
  • Two words: full custody – she now has full custody of both of her children
  • Remaining clean and sober; celebrating today a year and a half sober
  • Her relationships with her children blossomed – she loves to get on her hands and knees and play and laugh with her children
  • The support she received helped her get her driver’s license, a car, and insurance
  • Now she attends school full-time at Tacoma Community College, focusing on early childhood education
  • Other relationships in her life have grown, including relationships with her family and the real friends she made at NPH
  • Staff helped her learn to stand up for herself when the children’s father would try to inflict emotional abuse and control

Now, Melissa is living on her own with her children. She hopes to someday work at New Phoebe House – though anywhere where she can work with children will do – and continues her studies at TCC to facilitate that goal. Other goals include finding full-time work so she can provide for her children, and building her credit so she can buy a house for her family.


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