New Phoebe House Association – Five things you might not know.


The New Phoebe House in Tacoma opened its doors in December 2002 to serve mothers and children impacted by chemical dependency, homelessness, and trauma. The New Phoebe House provides a healthy, safe, and loving environment where women and children can experience a family setting while receiving the treatment and resources they need to be independent, establish their own home, and reunite with their children.

We love what we do and want everyone to share our passion for the mothers and children who need support in our community.  Here are five things you might not know about New Phoebe House.

  1. Our Program Consists of Four Phases. We have established a four-phase program to provide safety, stability and support. Our program’s approach is integrated into our daily functions to ensure the program meets the needs of each woman and child we serve. We focus on Recovery, Reunification, and Resiliency during their time at New Phoebe House, and then transition each woman to the Phoebe Forever Program; Phoebe House alum who have successfully graduated from the program and move into community housing.
  2. Women can live in the house for up to two years. That’s incredible, right?! A true long-term recovery program, these women and their children receive support, treatment and stability for up to two years, if necessary. And it doesn’t end there. Women also receive aftercare support as part of the Phoebe Forever program; which most moms utilize for an additional 12 months.
  3. New Phoebe House Staff is Amazing. The needs of each woman and child is a little bit different, and we offer expertise to meet those needs.  There are 13 team members at New Phoebe House, including six with a master’s degree, two early childhood specialists, three who are certified to assist with chemical dependency, a domestic violence advocate and a paralegal. We also have an ARNP and Family Therapist available to provide additional support as needed.
  4. Families See Success. Our recent aftercare survey found that 93-percent of families who have graduated from our program are violence free, 83-percent are no longer under CPS supervision, 67-percent of mothers are clean and sober, and 90-percent of the children who came through New Phoebe House aren’t using drugs or alcohol, which is incredible because all of their mothers were using when they joined New Phoebe House. It is an honor to partner with these women to truly break the cycle of chemical dependency and abuse.
  5. New Phoebe House is in high demand. There is a significant number of eligible and interested families seeking support at New Phoebe House. And we know there are more than that in Pierce County. We need more space to house those in need. Join us for the 2019 Illuminating Paths: New Phoebe House Gala on March 2, 2019 as we start raising funds to support an on-site childcare and reunification center. New Phoebe House is fulfilling a significant need in our community, and we would love for you to be a part of this mission. Visit our website to learn more about our annual gala.

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