Looking Back to Move Forward

As we enter the early days and weeks of 2022, the mission of New Phoebe House to positively affect sustainable change in the lives of our resident moms and their children is more critical and urgent than ever. Like all non-profits and businesses in our community, challenges of the pandemic and economic uncertainty has required staff, residents, and our board to adapt quickly to changes on a near daily basis. The commitment to ‘make it work’ no matter how daunting the task has been the mantra an New Phoebe House since it’s inception. We deal with real people with real problems who have often suffered unimaginable trauma – daunting may be an understatement.

Over the course of 2021, we consistently and effectively made adjustments based on our assessments of an ever-changing climate:

  • As more and more recovery support groups in the community were cancelled, New Phoebe House realigned programming options to include more in-house group sessions. We increased the number of classes offered which was instrumental in keeping our residents engaged inside the house.

  • Through foundation grant support, we added a new staff person in the position of Recovery Support Specialist to provide more 1:1 support to our residents.

  • We identified the changing landscape of housing opportunities and the impact it had on the length of stay in our program. We assessed and adjusted our goals and timelines which allowed us to be more effective in supporting our resident’s short-term goals, thereby building confidence and independence.

  • We adapted for increased virtual visits with mothers and children residents to preserve integrity of provided services and maintained full array of services despite COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery challenges.

  • And, when in early 2021, Pierce County Health reported concern after a surge in drug fatalities, New Phoebe House monitored reports and potential increases for services and successfully adapted programming as needed.

Our Success is in Our Stories

Had I not had somewhere safe to bring my daughter, I don’t know that I would have gotten clean and been able to make the changes in my life that I did. I learned how to take feedback instead of getting defensive. I cut people out of my life that were toxic, and I am on top of my mental health and substance medications because I realized that’s important.

New Phoebe House Resident

So many of the mothers who come into our care do not have the skills to parent, perhaps they have never had proper modeling to be a parent. Our program is focused on both the mother and the children. Often we have young children who do not have the tools to regulate feelings or manage emotions. With patience and persistence, we often see dramatic changes in our New Phoebe Kids that will change the trajectory of the rest of their lives.


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