What We Do

Vision: To help mothers stop cycles of addiction, homelessness, and family violence, reunify in a healthy way, and change the course for their children and future generations.

The doors of New Phoebe House first opened in 2002 in response to the effects of meth addiction on families, and continues to provide a safe place for women who are experiencing homelessness and looking to recover from addiction (to any substance or chemical), where they can reunify with their children. For up to two years, basic daily needs are provided so each mother can focus on her recovery, education, job skills, parenting skills, and continuing steps to be able to support her children in a stable home.  

Developed to serve our youngest residents – the children – our Phoebe Kids Play program includes trauma-sensitive curriculum, social and emotional intelligence skill-building, parent coaching, and Hour of Power. Hour of Power is a nightly program for mothers and children to bond, and includes an activity led by the Kids Play Director that each mother can continue with her children.

Providing “full-circle” comprehensive care and support for our residents

New Phoebe House provides a healthy, safe, and communal environment where women and children experience a family setting in a beautifully restored Victorian house. Sleeping quarters, play areas, a living area, common kitchen and dining facility, and laundry facilities provide over 5000 square feet to support healthy family reunification.

As residents are assured that their day-to-day needs for food; shelter; referrals for medical, mental health, and dental care; and clothing assistance are met, they can focus on remaining clean and sober, developing job skills, gaining education, becoming financially literate, building a resource network, and increasing parenting skills. This comprehensive approach allows the women and children to live in the New Phoebe House for up to two years.

At the end of this time period, the program goals aim for each woman to be self-sufficient, more resilient, able to parent in a loving and safe manner, and transitioned to more permanent housing. 

How can I access New Phoebe House services?

Many residents are referred from Child Protective Services, Pierce County Alliance/Drug Court, or Department of Corrections. Some have concerned family members that research resources.  However,  many of our residents call to find help for themselves. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to become a resident at New Phoebe House. All potential residents must have a Coordinated Entry screening and referral. To set this up, call us at 253-383-7710. View our Who We Help page to learn more. 

Providing Education and Skills to Children and Moms

Our unique Phoebe Kids Play Program helps both mothers and children grow. Our young clients are offered curriculum that includes: Second Step, Kindness Curriculum, Safer Smarter Kids, and other trauma-sensitive social-emotional skills development activities that are based on the Core Childhood Needs:

  • Safety and Security
  • Validation of Feelings and Needs
  • Guidance and Protection
  • Acceptance, Encouragement, and Praise
  • Stability and Predictability

For around 6 hours each week, our ‘Phoebe-ettes’ are in a trauma-sensitive environment that helps them build skills to be successful in life. We also use Ages and Stages evaluation tools to help guide individualized plans for growth in physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. 

Our mothers are provided with many parenting skill-building and educational curriculums, such as Core Childhood Needs, Circle of Security, and Love and Logic, to help build their awareness and development of positive parenting techniques. Parent shadowing and coaching are provided to help the mother develop strong, lasting tools for successful parenting of their children. Mothers are encouraged to participate in evening mother-child relationship-strengthening activities that are planned by the Phoebe Kids Play Director. The activities taught in the Phoebe Kids Play Program are designed so that the mother can continue them with her children after moving on from New Phoebe House.

To further help the mothers in our program, we have designed a series of classes for mothers to learn about the fundamental skills and caretaking of their children as they grow. Baby 101 uses Ready-Or-Not Tots to assist expecting mothers in preparing for baby to arrive, while also teaching skills for taking care of their newborn and infants up to 12 months. Toddler 101 helps mothers understand the developmental stages of a growing toddler and appropriate play for ages 12-36 months. Pre-K 101 classes help mothers gain more knowledge of parenting, playing, and growing with their preschooler ages 3-6 years.


How can I access Phoebe Kids services?

As a resident of New Phoebe House, mothers are able to utilize the childcare program, parent coaching, Hour of Power and additional support offered by the Phoebe Kids Play staff. As an AfterCare client, mothers are able to utilize childcare during support group hours, as well as parent coaching and support.  

A Holistic Recovery Program for Women by Women

New Phoebe House developed Holistic Recovery for Mothers in 2016 to provide treatment services for mothers with young children. A trauma-informed integrated behavioral health program, Holistic Recovery for Mothers was developed to address chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health challenges. The program is focused on whole woman recovery – allowing each mother to address barriers to living a full, healthy life and as a result, to parent her children effectively. Like our whole program, Holistic Recovery for Mothers has been designed to stop the cycles of addiction, violence, and homelessness in our families now, and for future generations. Holistic Recovery for Mothers is set up for women only who may need to address addiction, mental health, domestic violence, and sexual trauma, all under one umbrella.

This program is available to mothers in Pierce County. You do not need to be in New Phoebe House to receive services from Holistic Recovery for Mothers

How can I access Holistic Recovery for Mothers services?

If you are a mother looking for outpatient treatment services, please call 253-257-7110 to set up an intake appointment. You may also contact Holistic Recovery for Mothers by emailing treatment@newphoebehouse.org.  

Holistic Recovery

Holistic Recovery for Mothers is a treatment program specifically tailored to mothers with young children.

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