A Story of Success

While completing treatment a third time, Amanda realized she needed a structured program to support her recovery journey. A staff person told her about New Phoebe House and helped her get an application. She worked long and hard on that application, and in October of 2015, she graduated treatment and moved into New Phoebe House.

“I had no idea it was going to change my life.”

Amanda was impressed and excited as she moved into New Phoebe House. From the start, she saw it was the organized, loving, structured program she had been looking for. She came into the program “like a sponge,” ready and willing to soak up all there was to learn. In the first few months, she was reconnecting with her daughter, and her family was seeing how well Amanda was doing in her recovery.

Photo by Scott Haydon Photography

During her time at the House, Amanda celebrated 1 year of sobriety, learned skills to become self-sufficient, and regained custody of her son. Amanda gives significant credit to the parenting skills she learned at New Phoebe House. Where there had been a significant disconnect between her and her children, there is now a growing bond between them. She puts her phone away in the evenings to avoid unnecessary distractions while she bonds and interacts with her children, a habit she credits to the structure at New Phoebe House.

In December of 2016, Amanda completed the New Phoebe House program and moved into her own apartment. While she was intimidated at the concept of moving into her own place, case managers showed her all the tools she had learned that prepared her for life outside of the House. Amanda is participating in our AfterCare program, receiving continued support and case management as she transitions into life on her own.

“I owe it all to New Phoebe House.”

Photo by Scott Haydon Photography

Amanda believes being successful at New Phoebe House helped her become successful in the community. She began saving while in the program, and she is very proud to be financially independent. She found full-time employment and is continuing to save, with the plan to buy her own house 5 years from now. She is finishing her business degree, after which she will complete beauty school. Her dream is to work her way to owning her own hair salon.


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