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Our Mission: Through housing, services, support, and treatment, we serve Pierce County mothers and children impacted by chemical dependency, homelessness, and trauma. We help mothers achieve and maintain safe reunification through clean and sober living, healing, and self-sufficiency.

Our History

In 2002, Pierce County was experiencing a high incidence of methamphetamine labs, production, and usage.  Many young people were exposed to methamphetamine (many times by their parents) and its highly addictive properties.  Young women with children developed chemical addictions. Children were removed or put in foster care because the mother was unable to care for her children.

In many instances, the women experienced homelessness or incarceration. As a result of this cycle, they needed a place to recover… when others had given up on them.

A group of concerned citizens banned together with the City of Tacoma and Pierce County to address this need and New Phoebe House Association opened its doors in December 2002, and has been serving women at full capacity ever since. 

Although today the challenge of methamphetamine addiction continues, we also serve women with addictions to other chemicals, including alcohol and crack cocaine. The residents of today are, in many cases, the children of the early meth addicts in our area.

Board of Directors

Our Staff

This year, we have been participating in Pierce County’s new system for helping those who are experiencing homelessness. There is a centralized resource, called Coordinated

Did you know you can earn financial support for the women and children of New Phoebe House with your donations of gently used clothing and

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This is it, our adventure into the 21st century. New Phoebe House Association’s very own blog. We are excited to share more stories, news, thoughts,

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