Holistic Recovery for Mothers

Our mission has now expanded to include treatment services for mothers. This year marks the beginning of Holistic Recovery for Mothers (HRM), a trauma-informed integrated behavioral health program to address chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health challenges.

TiffaneHRM is tailored to mothers with young children, and offers both outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment services. The program is focused on whole woman recovery – allowing each mother to address barriers to living a full, healthy life and as a result, to parent her children effectively. HRM has been designed to stop the cycle of addiction, violence, and homelessness in our families now, and for future generations.

MickaylaThrough a collaboration with the City of Tacoma, Prosperity Wellness Center, Tacoma Housing Authority, and New Phoebe House Association (us), we are able to offer treatment services to:

  • mothers enrolled in New Phoebe House programs
  • mothers enrolled in the Elementary School Housing Assistance Program through Tacoma Housing Authority and Tacoma Public Schools
  • mothers enrolled in the Family Unification Program

For more information, or to schedule an assessment, call 253.257.7110. You can also learn more on the HRM website.

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